Total Site Development Inc. has an experienced estimating department that excels in preparing comprehensive site development proposals for residential, commercial and industrial projects. Our bid proposals include, but are not limited to demo, construction layout, erosion control, standard earthwork, subsurface utility installation (sanitary & storm sewer and water), paving, curb, and retaining walls. We also can provide value engineering and land planning for the client when the project is in the preliminary stages of the civil engineering process.




The Fleet Maintenance department of Total Site Development Inc. is responsible for ensuring that every piece of our equipment is serviced regularly thus minimizing potential problems that cause equipment downtime. The Fleet Maintenance Department is given the utmost priority and attention by our management staff.




The Project Management Department of Total Site Development Inc. provides the client with professional management service that ensures the job operates in a safe manner while maintaining a high level of productivity. Our services begin with contract preparation and “Plan of Action” which details what equipment is needed and when. The client is kept abreast of day-to-day operations. This department is also responsible for processing change order request, and if needed customizations on or to the job schedule.




Total Site Development Inc. is a construction company that constantly strives to increase the number of our clients. We are very proud of our longstanding reputation for quality work and professional expertise. Our number one priority is to develop and maintain client relationships that will hopefully last for years. Testimony to this is that 70% of our work comes from repeat customers.




From the conception of Total Site Development Inc. in 1994, we were keenly aware that mobilization would be a key factor in our success. We are equipped with a state of the art Kenworth tractor-trailer and Rogers trailer. Mobilization is a key component in day-to-day construction operations. We know the importance of mobilization and realize that it is essential to customer satisfaction, specifically providing reliable and immediate support to every job. The Transportation Department is a vital component to keeping a job running in a safe and efficient manner.




The surveying department of Total Site Development, Inc. provides complete land surveying and construction layout services. Our services include COGO, Data Collection, Data Transfer, Drafting, Quality Takeoff, Surface Modeling, Value Engineering and on-site survey adjustment. This service is provided to our clients only and is not for outside hire.



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